A new coffee shop + a creative lab is helping Camp Greene ‘Do Greater’

In January, Charlotte nonprofit Do Greater unveiled a coffee shop called CRTV Lab Coffee, located at the entrance of the organization’s workspace.

Do Greater partnered with Enderly Coffee to create the coffee shop. It serves plain coffee, espressos, and lattes, as well as chai and matcha beverages for non-coffee drinkers.

Each purchase at the coffee shop supports the organization’s continued efforts of providing middle and high school students with free access to educational and creative opportunities centered around the latest technologies. 

Creativity meets coffee

Do Greater’s workspace, called CRTV Lab, is located inside the basement of Shiloh Institutional Baptist Church and took a year and a half to build out. 

CRTV Lab Coffee was not a part of the space’s original design, director of operations Candice Kelly, told QCity Metro, but there was no coffee shop within walking distance of the Camp Greene neighborhood. 

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