Atrium Health now offers 24/7 virtual primary care 

Patients needing a family medicine provider can now be seen anytime through Atrium Health’s new virtual primary care option.

From preventive medicine and sick visits to care for chronic conditions, appointments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

All appointments are intended to happen remotely and will be performed over a secure video chat, Dr. Brian Kersten, an internal medicine primary care physician at Atrium Health Primary Care Mecklenburg Medical Group, said.  

“This is not meant to be a supplemental practice,”  Dr. Kersten said. “This is meant for a standalone practice.”

Visits can include mental health screenings, chronic disease management, such as diabetes, and online prescription refills to help make care more accessible.

“For a lot of these, it’s really just asking how you’re doing with your medications, [asking] if you need a refill,” Dr. Kersten said. 

The practice will hopefully remove barriers to healthcare, such as inconvenient work schedules and transportation, and practice will take patients of all ages, according to Dr. Kersten.

Patients at Atrium Health with an in-person doctor can still be seen at the virtual primary care practice but must be in either North or South Carolina during the visit to be seen, according to Atrium Health.

Patients that need in-person treatment, such as blood work, will be referred to patient service centers. 
Appointments can be scheduled online or by calling 704-667-0920.

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