Beat the Heat: Top ice cream shops in Charlotte

Since the heat has increased around Charlotte over the last few days, it’s been a little draining. During these long summer days, a cold treat is the best way to cool off.

And there are several ice cream shops in the Charlotte area. 

Since the temperature has been in the 90s lately, the QCity Metro team has been debating which local frozen treat shop has the best options.

Though we couldn’t decide on just one, we did compile a list of our favorites so you can decide.

Check it out:

Where: 222 West Blvd Suite S114

Reason it made the list: First, it’s Black-owned. Second, Urban Sweets offers a variety of flavors of ice creams as well as pastries, milkshakes, macaroons and hot drinks. They also offer membership deals to get your favorite flavors at home.

Flavor Pick: I personally enjoy Coco Brown (Chocolate)

Where: 913 Central Ave. and 1616 Camden Rd. #100

Reason it made the list: Not only is Two Scoops Black-owned, but they have five locations two of which are conveniently located in South End and Plaza Midwood, and they have a variety of flavors that they regularly swap out. Also, the employees are super friendly and helpful.

Flavor pick:: Blueberry Cheesecake

Where: While Charlotte is home to several locations, my favorite Jeni’s is located in South End at 1920 Camden Road. 

Reason it made the list: I love Jeni’s because of its revolving door of limited-time flavors and its classic but innovative quality. 

Flavor pick: My favorites are goat cheese with red cherries and the Texas sheet cake. 

Where: Concord Mills Area – 8835 Christenbury Pkwy, Concord, NC 28027

Independence Blvd/ Matthews Area – 2210 Matthews Township Pkwy, Matthews, NC 28105

Reason it made the list: Frozen custard is better than regular ice cream. It’s creamier, thicker and doesn’t melt as fast, so you can enjoy it longer. If you’ve never had it, I assure you that once you do, you’ll think to yourself, “What have I been eating all these years?” Also, Andy’s is a drive-through, so it’s quick and convenient, and everything is customizable, so I always get exactly what I want.

Flavor pick: It depends on what I’m in the mood for, but nine times out of ten, I go for a vanilla base with Oreos mixed in. From time to time, I’ll even do vanilla with Oreos and cheesecake bites. Either way, I’m always happy with it.

Where: 170 West Summit Ave. Charlotte, NC 28203

Reason it made the list: Golden Cow has two other locations in South Park and Uptown, but I like the one in South End the most. The rocking chairs out front are the perfect place to sit and chill with friends after getting your ice cream. And since the area is walkable, it’s a great spot to grab dessert after eating at a nearby restaurant or a quick snack while walking around. 

Flavor pick: I like to keep my ice cream pretty basic: vanilla with sprinkles. However, their earl grey is also really good for any fellow tea lovers out there.

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