Charlotte Black Film Festival announces 2023 lineup

Charlotte Black Film Festival (CBFF) announced its film selections yesterday evening. 

Founded in 2010 by Tommy Nichols, CBFF will hold its 13th festival July 6-9. Over a three-day period, the festival screens each film selected, offers workshops for creatives, opportunities to get feedback from industry professionals and hosts a themed award ceremony.

This year, the festival received a record-breaking number of film submissions since its debut.

There are nine categories that filmmakers across the globe submit work to, including an international category that received submissions from 16 different countries this year.

Here are the films in this year’s lineup:

International Films 

  • A Tale of Our Times
  • Father’s Day
  • Viable
  • Dodoma
  • Bwa Kayiman
  • Ampe: Leap into the Sky, Black Girl
  • A Heart on the Mend
  • Amanzi
  • Toronto Model
  • Okunkun Lo
  • The Critics
  • FOUR WALLS- Episode 1

Art Films

  • The Onyx Experience 
  • Speaking to Bias
  • S H A D E S
  • There is a River
  • Case Notes

Music Videos 

  • I Need You
  • Afrofuturism: Black Lives Will Exist in the Future
  • To the Top
  • The Rebellion
  • As Days Go By
  • STEP
  • No Light Yet 

Student Films

  • Dream City
  • These Are For You
  • Father’s Day
  • The Maurice Family Thanksgiving 
  • Street Chess: Community, Care, and Competition 
  • Broadway in the Hood
  • Standout 
  • Can’t Stop Young Love
  • Clifton Lets Loose 

Documentary Films

  • God Talk
  • Flo Jo: A Daughters Love
  • Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land
  • Let the Church Say 
  • HUSH
  • Black is Beautiful
  • Outside Line
  • Reclaiming the Throne 
  • King of Kings: Chasing Edward Jones 
  • Free’d by Faith
  • Unbelievable! The Art Williams Story 
  • Our Crown & Glory 
  • Hampton University: One of the Wonders of the World

Black Women in Film 

  • Little Drummer Boy
  • RIP, LOL
  • Friend Zone
  • Sambo
  • Gaming and Life
  • The Dragon Fly Tale
  • Keep in Mind
  • Day 6
  • Redemption
  • Mahogany 
  • Desperate Measures 
  • Women Who Love Women Who Love Men
  • Remedial
  • Dirty Thirty
  • Inez 

Made in the Carolinas 

  • Mayor Pro Tem- William “Pete” Kennedy
  • Two Birds and a Stone 
  • 6 Feet Apart, 6 Feet Under
  • The Line Jumper
  • What Keeps Me Going
  • A Day for Lila Film
  • Letter From E

TV/Web Series 

  • Detangling the South Episode 1: New Orleans 
  • Caught Up in Sorrow- The Series
  • FOUR WALLS- Episode 1
  • Hard Drive
  • Secrets in Plain Sight
  • I Am…
  • GoodGame
  • Maniacs: Part One- A Run to Remember
  • Big Girl Love
  • The Final Call 

Short Films 

  • East River Story
  • Thoughts are Things, My Little Caregiver
  • Black Butterfly
  • Dear Eleanor
  • Living in the Dark- Domestic Violence
  • I pray that sh*t works
  • March Forth
  • Paperline- Fraternity 
  • Scars Beneath
  • Welcome to Afrotree
  • Color of Love
  • Father’s Day
  • Just Friends 
  • Skilled
  • Shades of Gray
  • Divided We Stand
  • No Ordinary Women

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