Charlotte City Council announces proposed Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

City Manager Marcus D. Jones presented the proposed budget for the 2023 Fiscal Year at last night’s strategy session.

Jones said that the title for this budget is “Merging Stronger Together.”

The $3.24 billion budget is a 4.5% increase from this year’s budget of $2.7 billion. It is the first new bond package not to need a tax increase.

“We have been trying to get Covid behind us so that we can emerge stronger than we were prior to covid,” said Jones.

The proposed budget has seven focus areas:

  • Corridors of opportunity (SAFE Charlotte)

Here’s a quick look at some of the goals discussed in the proposed budget.

Enhancing Employee Experience

Recently, city workers spoke up about being unable to afford the cost of living in Charlotte despite working for the city.

The plan recommends that the minimum wage for city employees be raised to $20/hr starting in January and that the pay increase be raised from 3% to 8%.

Furthermore, a 2.% pay increase is proposed for jobs that require a CDL.

Salaried employees could also see a 4% rise in funds available and continued opportunities for hybrid work.

The plan for all employees, salaried and hourly, includes a free associate’s degree through Central Piedmont Community College.

In addition to providing educational opportunities, the proposed budget invests $2 million into increasing homeownership opportunities for employees and increasing access to rental housing.


The mobility portion of the plan proposes a “dedicated revenue source” to advance: transportation, innovation and transit.

Transportation would accelerate the implementation of more roads, greenways, sidewalks, and bike lanes, while transit would expand public transportation capabilities.

The innovation project focuses on autonomous vehicles, infrastructure, and electric vehicles, including electric firetrucks and police pursuit vehicles.

What’s Next?

A public hearing will be on May 9, followed by budget adjustments on May 11.

An unofficial vote will take place on May 25, and the council will hold a final vote on May 31.

Throughout the process, you can direct comments and feedback on the proposed budget to strategyandbudget@charlottenc.

You can see more details on the budget here or watch the presentation.

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