Charlotte native and Alvin Ailey dancer returns to the Queen City

It’s been nearly five years since QCity Metro last spoke with Alvin Ailey dancer Jacquelin Harris. 

At that time, Harris was preparing for a show in Charlotte, her hometown, with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT).  

Above: Read QCity Metro’s 2018 story on Harris.

Now, she will return home with the same dance company to mark its first performance in the Queen City since 2020. At the performance on Feb. 21, Harris will perform a solo dance.

After her first interview with QCity Metro, the pandemic forced the world to go virtual, including the AAADT, but Harris told QCity Metro in a recent interview that the dance theater still found ways to perform. 

The company offered free, virtual performances it posted online.

Harris says she and other dancers performed from their homes. “We had our dogs and our pets in the background, and we had our families join us,” Harris said. 

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