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Charlotte artist Frankie Zombie has worked for A-list celebrities and major brands including NASCAR and Mercedes-Benz. On April 1, Zombie will star on a new interior design show debuting on the Magnolia Network. What is the name of the show?


As remote learning and college dropout rates increase, colleges and universities are working creatively to engage and retain students. As reported on Tuesday, North Carolina A&T has joined 25 other colleges in using ____ as a means to engage students.


As we reported this week, Mental Health America of Central Carolinas has opened a free clinic in East Charlotte.The facility will provide mental healthcare services to ____ in Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties.


This week, Atrium Health and Novant Health announced they will ____ at their hospitals and medical facilities. The decision comes as the number of covid cases in North Carolina dropped to the lowest level since March 2022.


Northlake Mall has seen a rash of violent incidents, including shootings, in recent months. To address safety concerns, the mall will implement new security measures. Which of the following is not an included safety measure?


On April 11, Najla Haywood and members of her family will open Community Table Bistro, a cafeteria-style restaurant on Wilkinson Boulevard. The restaurant is owned by FDY Inc., one of Charlotte’s largest Black-owned businesses which was founded by Floyd David Young, Haywood’s ____.


Charlotte entrepreneur Jasmine Macon announced she will soon have a brick-and-mortar location. The owner of “B.A.D.” will open her shop this summer at Abbey Place. What does the business’ acronym represent?


We reported on Friday that ____ will build a sculpture to recognize “enslaved and exploited workers” who labored on the school’s campus. The sculpture, called “With these hands” will feature two “work-worn” hands constructed amidst four buildings built by enslaved people in the mid-1800s.


On Thursday, we brought you “The ultimate guide to Caribbean food in Charlotte.” According to the guide, Caribbean cuisine includes Jamaican, Haitian and Dominican foods. True or False


The curtain rose on the musical, Beetlejuice, on Tuesday night at Belk Theater and QcityMetro was there. The Broadway show depicts ____.

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