Charlotte woman recalls date that ended with police

Readers sometimes share their Charlotte dating stories with us. Here’s one of them, as told to the editor:

“It was the most memorable first date I’ve ever been on. That’s for sure,” Alisha said.

Alisha met Tariq in July 2022 at Trader Joe’s, a grocery store in north Charlotte, on a Saturday afternoon.

“I always get myself flowers when I get groceries, and I was looking at a bouquet, then he walked over and picked some up,” Alisha said.

Alisha, 26, said Tariq, 29, asked her opinion on them, and she told him they were “pretty.” They introduced themselves and talked for a minute or two. Alisha said she could feel the attraction between them, but the store was packed, so they didn’t talk long.

Alisha completed her shopping trip and left the store. On her way back to the car, she saw Tariq headed the same direction. 

“We were parked sort of near each other, so we kind of started talking a little bit and he asked to take me out sometime. I said yes and gave him my number,” she said.

The two chatted over text for a few days before Tariq asked her out to dinner one evening.

She said yes and they planned for him to pick her up at 7:00 p.m.

Flowers, cards, and candy

Tariq knocked on Alisha’s door at 7:00 p.m. and presented her with the same bouquet of flowers she called “pretty” at Trader Joe’s.

“I was impressed, honestly. I didn’t even realize they were the same flowers at first,” Alisha said.

Tariq opened the door of his car for Alisha and had a card and chocolate waiting for her.

“He was really doing the most, but in a good way,” she recalled.

Alisha said the two had reservations at a waterfront restaurant on Lake Norman, and Tariq wanted to take the scenic route so they could talk and get to know each other.

Alisha said their conversation was “really good,” and she enjoyed it.

Around halfway through the 40-minute drive, Alisha noticed a police roadblock ahead of them. As traffic slowed, Alisha said Tariq’s demeanor shifted.

“He was just acting weird, like he was nervous or something,” she said. “Then he asked me if I would switch with him, like drive the car, but I said no because it was nowhere to get out. And it was weird, like, why would I do that?”

License and registration

When Tariq’s car made it to the front of the roadblock, an officer walked up to the driver’s side with a flashlight and asked them how they were doing. 

They both said fine. Tariq told the officer they were headed to dinner a few miles away, and the officer nodded before asking for Tariq’s license and registration.

Tariq fumbled around the glove compartment for a while before saying “I can’t find it.”

Alisha said the officer seemed friendly and said it was “okay.” He then asked for proof of insurance, which Tariq admitted he didn’t have.

“I’m sitting there wondering why in the world he doesn’t have insurance and why he’s driving without having his license on him, and he was acting so nervous that it made me nervous too,” Alisha recalled.

The officer told them to wait there and went back to his car. After a few minutes, he returned and asked Tariq to step out. He searched Tariq and then Alisha heard the officer say Tariq was being arrested for driving with a suspended license and for two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Alisha said she immediately began to panic, but tried to stay calm as the officer handcuffed Tariq and walked him to the back of a squad car.

When the officer returned, he asked Alisha to step out.

“I didn’t even know what to say. I thought they were about to arrest me too,” she said.

Alisha said she explained to the officer that it was their first date and that she barely knew Tariq, had never been in his car, and had nothing to do with whatever Tariq’s situation was.

The officer said Tariq had explained the same thing and that Alisha was free to go.

She got out of the car and started to dial a friend’s number to pick her up, but before she could, the officer asked if she was sober. 

“Yes, I haven’t had anything.”

He then asked her to drive Tariq’s car back home, citing that Tariq would contact her once he was released to pick it up.

“I was pissed! I never planned to talk to him again, now I gotta keep his car at my house until he gets out for whatever he did or didn’t do.”

Today, Alisha is in a relationship — with someone else — and still lives in Charlotte.

She never found out what Tariq’s arrests were for. He picked up his car from her about a week later and she immediately blocked his number afterward. They haven’t spoken since.

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