Charlotte’s newest animal clinic, Ark Veterinary Hospital, paves way for Black vets

Jordan Smalls has known she wanted to become a veterinarian since she was four years old, but she was made to believe she wasn’t good enough.

It wasn’t until she found a home as a veterinary technician manager at Ark Veterinary Hospital in Charlotte that she finally felt seen.

The Ark, located at 6444 Albermarle Road, is a Black-owned veterinarian clinic established by Drs. Sarah Blackwell, Kevin Scruggs and Derrick Prioleau. 

Why it matters: Fewer than 3% of all veterinarians in the U.S. are Black, while nearly 87% are white, according to data reported by Data USA.

Graphic from Data USA

Once Smalls completed her undergraduate program, she worked at several veterinary clinics where she continued to experience microaggressions and racism. 

In fact, Smalls told QCity Metro a previous colleague at one clinic told her to “go pick cotton” in reference to her being Black.

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