City council to discuss $3.5 million request to renovate Brookhill Village

Charlotte City Council is set to discuss a request for $3.5 million to cover the leasing and renovation costs of Brookhill Village. 

The money will support 100 units and come from Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund, which awarded North Carolina $1.26 billion to revitalize and repair infrastructure. 

Proposed renovations include new heating and cooling systems, storm doors and windows, roof repairs and new kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures. 

Why it matters: Built in 1951, Brookhill Village is one of the last naturally occurring affordable housing communities in rapidly growing South Charlotte. 

78 “legacy-household” units are currently occupied by families at 30% of the area median income, and their rent will remain the same so long as they remain, residents until the ground lease expires in 2049. 

22 of the units will be reserved for the Harvest Center, a nonprofit organization that assists individuals experiencing homelessness. As lease expires for legacy household residents, the units will be devoted to the organization. 

The Harvest Center will also fund the construction of an administrative office and a resource center, which will be located on the property and available to all Brookhill residents. 

All units will remain affordable for individuals at 80% or less of the area median income. 

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Brookhill project hits roadblock

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