CMPD says it has stepped up its efforts to stop street takeover groups

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is using “targeted enforcement” to crack down on street takeover groups after an uptick in incidents this month.

At a news conference Monday, Maj. Dave Johnson with the department’s Special Operations Bureau said CMPD has put more effort into tracking the groups’ gathering spots.

Why it matters: The police say the street takeover groups engage in dangerous and illegal activities by blocking intersections, clustering in roadways for racing, doing burnouts and performing other stunts with their cars.

Last weekend, CMPD officers responded to multiple reports of street takeover events involving hundreds of cars.

Johnson said that in the first 27 days of February, the department issued 54 citations, made five arrests, and seized 12 vehicles.

One incident, in uptown Charlotte near the NASCAR Hall of Fame, was recorded by an uptown resident who gave a copy of the video to QCity Metro. The video shows a red sports car performing donuts inside the intersection at S. Brevard Street and E. Brooklyn Village. Other cars appear to be blocking off the roadway during the 24-second clip.

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