College should be a natural progression for our children

I had to laugh recently when I came across a Facebook post by Nikki Davis Green, republished on QCity Metro. Ms. Davis Green wrote about “enticing” her son (read that, ‘bribing’) with a very special pair of “Jordan’s” so he would choose her alma mater over her husband’s for college. 

That took me back – way, way back – to what was my mindset in considering what college to attend. 

I was blessed to have a father and mother who were college graduates.

 And I’m talking Xavier University, Class of 1951, in Dad’s case, and Southern University, Class of 1975, for Mom.  

My mom actually entered college at Xavier before my dad. But she had to drop out because of one of a range of family reasons that stops many kids even to this day. In my mom’s case, her mother became ill. 

 It was my mother’s perseverance that instilled in my brother and me the importance of a college degree as a path to a better life, no matter what age. 

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