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It was all fun and games when Charlotte natives, Andrea Murray and Yurriah Robson gathered with friends and family for a game of Heads Up. Little did she know the game was about to turn life-changing. Andrea shares their story. 

Bride: Andrea Murray, 31, realtor, native of Charlotte, North Carolina 
Groom: Yurriah Robson, 30, entrepreneur, native of Charlotte, North Carolina 
Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina 
Wedding Date: October 29, 2022 
Venue/Location: Southern Charm Events – Rock Hill, South Carolina 

How They Met 

Yurriah and I knew many of the same people but had never met. In 2016, he asked a mutual friend if she knew any single women and she thought of me. We all ended up at the same party, and she introduced us.  

We spent some time talking and discovered we had a lot in common. He walked me to my car, and we exchanged numbers and agreed to go out on a date. 

Their First Date 

We went on our first date two days after meeting. We both love sushi, so we went to a sushi restaurant at Concord Mills. We talked for hours.  

Our conversation spanned everything from siblings to life goals. We discovered a mutual love of music and football, although we like different teams. I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan while he likes the Cleveland Browns. We talked until the restaurant owner told us they were closing, and we had to leave. It was a good experience. 

This is “The One” 

Photo Credit: Wyatt Lemmon

One of the first things I noticed about Yurriah was how well he treated me versus the other men I dated. It is terrible to say, but I had never dated a guy who opened my car door for me. Whenever we were together, Yurriah always insisted on opening all doors. He also strived to build my self-confidence. I have a really loud laugh. Sometimes I find myself saying, “Oh, I’m sorry, I am laughing too loud, or I’m doing too much.” He would always reassure me and say, “No, you are not too much. You’re perfect.” I have never experienced someone who treated me so kindly. 

He is respectful and never pressures me about anything. Some may think he tries too hard, but it overtook me, to be honest. I found myself being more concerned about his feelings than my own. I avoided doing things that I thought might upset him. When I realized how concerned I was about him, I knew something special was happening. He was the one for me. 

The Proposal 

Photo Credit: Wyatt Lemmon

We got engaged about five years after we met. Yurriah told me that we were going to a surprise birthday party for his mom. He invited my family and friends to attend. I thought something was happening but did not put all the pieces together.  

We played a game called. Heads Up. It is like Charades. One player places his cellphone above his head with a word or phrase facing the other players. Based on the clues provided by the other players, you have to guess what is on the cellphone screen. When it was my turn, the phrase was, “Will you marry me?” He gave me a cake with a giant ring on top. 

 I was shocked. I was like, “No way.” I honestly didn’t believe it. I was just standing there staring at the phone and crying. Everyone thought I did not read it, but I did. We had talked about getting married, but I was not expecting it to happen that day. I said yes. 

Wedding Planning 

Oh, wedding planning is the thing. Now I understand why professional wedding planners have careers. It is kind of intense. We are about 90 days out, and it is starting to feel more real. We are about to actually do this. 

We have checked most of the boxes and are nearing the finish line. About all that is left is paying for everything. We have a wedding planner, and that has made it easier. Whitney with It’s a Beautiful Day, LLC has been a lot of help and is very knowledgeable. I knew about some things, but she fills in the gaps. Yurriah and I both have busy schedules. Having the time to do everything together has been tough, but paying for everything has been the toughest part.

Photo Credit: Wyatt Lemmon

Looking Ahead 

The best thing about getting married is being able to spend the rest of my life with Yurriah.  I love this guy; I really do. I would not want to experience life without him. It will be a whole new chapter, and I look forward to sharing it with him.  

We are expecting about 170 guests for our evening wedding. 

Advice to Others 

I would first say to create an email address specifically for the wedding. It will save you from having a lot of lost files. Second, talk about the budget and stick with it. Do not give in to the urge to change it. Finally, when it comes to your wedding, do what makes you happy. If you like bells and whistles, have all the bells and whistles. If you want to elope, do it, regardless of what anybody has to say. Don’t be too concerned about other people’s opinions, even when they are coming from a good place. You do not want to have regrets about your wedding. Do what is right for the two of you.

Photo Credit: Wyatt Lemmon

Their Vendors 

Venue: Southern Charm Events
Photography: Wyatt Lemmon 
Wedding Planner: It’s A Beautiful Day LLC – Whitney Knight
Catering: Family Catering Service
Dj: Brandon Hyde 
Make-Up Artist: Star Studio Charlotte 

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