How well did you following the news this week?

Happy Saturday, QCity!

How well did you follow the news in Charlotte this week? The average score on last week’s quiz was 67%.

Shout out to Valerie E. Rooks, who won the $25 gift card in last week’s drawing.

This week’s winner could be you, so enter your score after taking the quiz.


Village HeartBEAT Inc., a Charlotte nonprofit, is using $3 million in state funding to launch a pilot program that will offer free mental health services. To deliver those services, Village HeartBEAT will partner with _____?


Famed attorney Benjamin Crump was in North Carolina this week to discuss national bail reform and over-policing. Which HBCU hosted the panel discussion?


Nick’s Gyros and Seafood opened a restaurant on West Boulevard, its first location in Charlotte. In what South Carolina city was the restaurant chain founded?


Charlotte City Council discussed three competing plans for a plot of land where Eastland Mall once stood. Which of these was not proposed?


As we reported on Wednesday, the Carolina Panthers are searching for a new quarterback. Since David Tepper bought the team in ____, the Panthers have played at least 8 quarterbacks?


This week, we introduced you to Summer Lucille, owner of the plus-size clothing brand Juicy Body Goddess. Customers entering her store are greeted with a recording that says, “Welcome to Juicy Body Goddess, ____.”


In an op-ed column this week, Tchernavia Montgomery encouraged Charlotte’s nonprofit organizations to add more racial and ethnic diversity to their boards of directors. Which nonprofit does Montgomery lead?


On Monday, Ken Koontz, the first Black reporter at WBTV News, wrote a letter to his younger self. In that letter, which QCity Metro published, Koontz revealed his childhood nickname. What was it?


A&C Chinese Fast Food was overrun with customers when it reopened on Beatties Ford Road after a three-year shutdown because of the pandemic. Within 24 hours of reopening, the popular restaurant was forced to shut down again, this time because _____?


As we reported this week, MyKesha “Keeshlinooo” Smith doesn’t allow dwarfism to derail her passion. With more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, Smith has become a viral sensation for making video clips of her ____?

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