How women can become strong and savvy leaders in the workplace – tips from an expert at U.S. Bank

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“Are you the owner? You look so young!”

“My, you speak so well.”

“Do you even know what Tik Tok is?”

To some, these may appear to be innocuous comments or questions. But for the professional women to whom such comments are directed, they can act as poison arrows, undermining how others view them and how the women view themselves. 

While women have made gains in the workforce, female professionals – particularly minorities – continue to encounter bias and barriers to their professional lives. For example, women leaders and entrepreneurs are more likely to experience belittling microaggressions, such as being treated as a junior or less qualified coworker, according to the report, Women in the Workplace 2022, produced by McKinsey & Co. in partnership with Lean In.  

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