HSC Celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week and the team at the Humane Society of Charlotte is celebrating our incredible veterinary technicians, assistants, and veterinary support staff.  

Veterinary technicians take on a critical role in the operations at HSC and provide both our shelter veterinarian and spay/neuter surgeons with the assistance needed to support each and every animal that HSC cares for. On a daily basis, they step into a variety of roles to help the animals we care for and the people that love them. 

They are nurses. They make sure the treatment plan that is ordered by our veterinarians is accomplished. They complete radiographs & bloodwork, start IV catheters and fluids, administer medications & injections, ensure animals receive appropriate exercise, perform a range of physical therapy exercises, and call clients with updates on the doctor’s behalf. 

They are anesthetists. Our veterinary support staff prepares animals for surgery and procedures, giving them pre-procedure medications, administering anesthesia, and monitoring the animal’s vitals while they are under sedation. 

They are oral hygienists. Vet techs examine animals’ teeth, determine dental treatment plans, and order dental x-rays. Though HSC doesn’t offer dental cleanings or on-site x-rays, veterinary technicians at our partner clinics perform these tasks to assist the attending veterinarian. 

They are laboratory technicians. Veterinary technicians and assistants run a wide variety of tests to determine a pet’s overall health. They are able to assess blood, urine, and feces for parasites, diseases, and infections. 

They are phlebotomists. In order to run tests, our veterinary technicians draw blood from animals and place I.V. catheters to prepare them for surgical procedures or to administer fluids when needed.  

They are groomers. Veterinary technicians give pets baths, trim nails, remove matted fur, clean ears & eyes, and more. 

They are custodians. Vet techs take on the tasks of cleaning up after their animal patients, staff, and doctors. They also prepare exam rooms and surgical suites for the next patient. 

They are educators & counselors. Veterinary technicians and assistants talk with pet parents and discuss ongoing symptoms, concerns, vaccine schedules, and explain medication administration & post-op instructions.  

Our veterinary technicians and assistants go above and beyond the call of duty to care for the animals at the Humane Society of Charlotte and beyond. Their compassion and knowledge provides animals with the best and necessary treatments so that they are ready to go home with a new loving family and/or recover from their spay/neuter surgery with ease. 

To all of our Registered Veterinary Technicians, veterinary assistants, and veterinary techs – we appreciate you and thank you for everything you do! 

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