Local health nonprofit provides rides to patients

Just getting to the doctor can be a huge barrier to healthcare for some, but a local nonprofit is working to combat this. Care Ring, a Charlotte-based health provider, now offers transportation to their patients.

“Transportation is one of the number one reasons why someone may delay or forgo getting their medical problems addressed because they cannot access transportation,” said Tchernaiva Montgomery, Care Ring’s executive director said. 

Care Ring provides essential healthcare –including preventive care, specialty care, nurse home visitation, and community health support — to low-income, under and uninsured Mecklenburg County residents.

Since beginning the service in February, the program has provided 353 rides to health-related appointments through Uber Health.

Stephanie Malloy, the director of programs at Care Ring, said the organization plans to increase the number of rides offered to 300 per month.

“[Tranportation is] for appointments that may be medical in nature; that could be primary care, specialty care, pediatrics, prenatal appointments,” Montgomery said. 

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