Local social media influencer wants to be recognized for her talent over her height

Social media influencer MyKesha “Keeshlinooo” Smith, who stands only 3-foot-5, is used to hearing derogatory comments about her height.

After her recent performance at a concert in Los Angeles, someone commented on her Instagram, “We didn’t come to see a circus.”

Since her days cheering at Livingstone College, Smith, now 30,  has become a viral sensation from making clips of cheer routines and hip-hop-inspired dances. She has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram and TikTok.

Despite often receiving negative comments, she doesn’t plan to stop.

“My main key is to showcase my talents and what I can do as a little person,” the Clemson, S.C. native told QCity Metro. “Regardless of what others say, I have to prove and show people that I can still do just as well as you can and, believe it or not, probably better.”

Overcoming the odds

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