Meet QCity Metro’s newest reporter

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Kylie Marsh joined the QCity Metro team in May and has written several articles, including today’s lead story in this newsletter.

Her primary reporting focus is Historic West End and city government.

Hometown: Durham, N.C.

Education: New York University with a Bachelor of Arts in both journalism and social and cultural analysis.

Since graduation, Kylie has worked as a freelance reporter, mainly for newspapers in the Raleigh/Durham area.

What we like about Kylie: She is passionate about issues relating to social and economic justice.

Kylie says: “I believe it’s important to lift the voices of the systemically unheard – which is what I intend to do working in Charlotte’s West End. I’m a descendant of Durham’s West End, which is going through the same things that Black neighborhoods across the country are experiencing.”

When she’s not working: “I enjoy playing video games, reading, running, watching documentaries and cartoons, exploring nature, film photography and painting. I’ve always loved writing recreationally, whether it be making up my own short stories in grade school, keeping a daily journal or writing poems.”

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