New E-Bike launches in Corridors of Opportunity

Wells Fargo Championship is donating $300,000 to launch an electric bike (E-Bike) pilot program in the North Graham/N Tryon corridors of opportunity.

In partnership with the City of Charlotte and DreamKey Partners, the three-year pilot program aims to help residents in the corridor improve mobility and increase transportation access to jobs.

“We understand that enhancing mobility is a step to improving equitable access and opportunities for all,” Debbie Smith, Charlotte Department of Transportation, said in a press conference Tuesday.

The program will disburse hundreds of E-bikes in the area over the next few months. 

DreamKey Partners is a local nonprofit that focuses on expanding quality affordable housing opportunities in the city. 

The organization has built and sold over 275 affordable single-family homes and more than 500 affordable apartments in the North Graham/North Tryon corridors.

Executive Director Julie Porter said that new homeowners will receive one free E-Bike per household.

Porter said she hopes the program increases residency in the area. 

“We are excited to support and partner on this initiative that aligns with our mission to revitalize neighborhoods and provide our homeowners with resources that support them and connect them to essential services through the City,” she said.

DreamKey Partners will study how the pilot impacts and supports families with low-to-moderate income.

The city will also launch a number of programs associated with the bikes, including Trips for Kids, a program that trains kids on how to ride bikes safely.

The city hopes to expand the initiative to other corridors.

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