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What would you do if the person who caught your eye and made your soul sing came with children? What if they came with a tribe or with unusual circumstances? Are you still in?  

This North Carolina couple proves that dreams can come true when you operate with openness, wisdom and patience. Javion shares their experience of turning what some may consider obstacles into a fairytale ending.  

Bride: Javion Whetstone, 37, life coach, native of Clinton, North Carolina 
Groom: Carlos Whetstone, 46, medical manager, native of Chester, South Carolina 
Current Residence: Troutman, North Carolina 
Wedding Date: November 19, 2022 
Venue/Location: Champagne Manor, Monroe, North Carolina 

How They Met 

We met eight years ago in Greenville, South Carolina. My friends and I had finished a dinner celebration for my birthday when we decided to stop by a little sports bar. At that time, it was called Spotlight. It is now Club 1243 Food and Spirits. When we got there, Carlos and his friends were at the bar. They were visiting from Charlotte.  

He seemed very shy and reserved and was dressed very preppy. He was wearing a sweater with a turtleneck under it. He looked very proper and reserved. I was intrigued by that. 

We spoke with them, and he and his friends approached our table. He asked if I wanted to dance. So, we got out onto the floor and danced. We talked for a while and exchanged numbers.  

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