Plato Price housing project to be completed next summer

Habitat for Humanity Charlotte’s affordable housing, Meadows of Plato Price, is approaching completion as the organization celebrates its 40th anniversary. 

Yesterday afternoon, CEOs across Charlotte came together to build components that will be apart of the home’s structures.

“The West Side, in particular, is very special to me,” Bank of America Charlotte president Keith Cockrell told QCity Metro. “And to be out here with a bunch of friends and leaders in the community and actually playing a part in ensuring that we have affordable homes in this community; it just doesn’t get much better than this.”

So far, of the 39 homes that will be built, seven have been constructed, three of which are close to completion. 

In October, more than 600 volunteers, over five days, will begin constructing the remaining 23 homes as a part of the Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work project. 

“What was going to take us three years will be done in a year and a half,” Laura Belcher, president and CEO of Habitat Charlotte, said. “We want to anchor home ownership into this area [because it] is close to lots of different employment opportunities, you know, near the airport [and the] light rail on Wilkinson Boulevard.”

From start to finish, residents have a say in what they want their homes to look like. 

All 39 homes are expected to be complete by the fall of 2024; families with finished homes can move in before the community’s completion. 

About half of the plots that the homes will sit on, Belcher said, have been claimed. 

Generally speaking, senior vice president of organizational advancement and development Shannon Green told QCity Metro, each home sells for around $220,000 and the average resident pays about $160,000. Habitat, Green said, helps with the difference. 

“We really just want to be a good neighbor,” Green said, “and show this community that we want to partner with them. We are not trying to come in and tell them what they need because this community is already established and knows what they need.”

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