Plus-sized women find fashion and inclusion at Charlotte store

Summer Lucille wants her plus-sized clothing store, Juicy Body Goddess in Norhtlake Mall, to be a safe haven for plus-sized women. When customers enter her store, they are greeted by a recording of her signature catchphrase, “Welcome to Juicy Body Goddess, where you gotta be two-something to do something.” 

Though she is now confident in her body and personal style, Lucille said this was not always the case. 

“I’m never scared to show any part of my body. [It] took me a long time to get there. It was not overnight, but now I’m not scared to show my arms, my stomach; I’m not scared to show anything,” Lucille said. 

Plus-sized women make up 67% of retail clothing shoppers, according to studies cited by Refinery29 and other media outlets. However, according to a study by economic news platform Marketplace, plus-sized clothes only make up 19% of apparel on the market.   

This is why Lucille’s store exclusively carries plus-sized clothing- sizes 10 through 30. She said that when designing clothes, she is mindful of all the different body types that plus-sized women have. 

“You may not just totally love yourself after you walk out of here, but you want to feel better about yourself. Yeah, and that’s my goal,” Lucille said. 

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