Popular Black-owned hair care brand at center of controversy online

Black-owned natural hair care company Mielle is trending after several TikTok videos of white influencers promoting one of the company’s products emerged and went viral.

The product, Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strengthening Oil, treats dry scalp and split ends. It is also known to promote hair growth.

The controversy began when social media influencer Alix Earle posted a video of her “top Amazon finds” and mentioned the Mielle oil. Earle reported — to her 3.3 million followers — that she was already seeing hair growth after using the oil for around a month. The video sparked increased interest in the product.

Mielle’s website mentions it being part of the “multicultural category,” however, the brand is known for natural hair textures — hair types generally associated with Black women.

Earle’s video is now approaching 5 million views and has attracted attention from supporters as well as those with concerns. Many users shared frustrations over her promotion of the product in the comment section. One comment even got over 16,000 likes. 

Photo: Screenshot, Tiktok comments of Alix Earle’s video

The local impact

Since the video was posted, a trend began. Several other white female influencers and social media users have shared videos trying the product and encouraging their audiences to do the same. 

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