Providence Day School is training young diverse teachers to match their student body

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Providence Day School is where passion meets learning

Each weekday around noon, five young adults gather in a classroom at Providence Day School with Marcus Smith, Upper School English Department Chair and Director of Fellows of Providence Day’s new Teaching Fellows Program.

As members of the inaugural class of the Teaching Fellows Program, the young adults are learning to become educators and leaders in independent schools. They meet regularly with Smith to discuss their experiences inside and outside the classroom. Recent topics of discussion also included personal and financial skills, such as financial literacy and boundary setting.

Providence Day School’s Teaching Fellows Program was created to support the school’s growing diversity of its student body, and to develop leaders who share the school’s commitment to diversity. While there are many different teaching fellowship programs across the country, PDS says its program is unique because of the amount of support given both institutional and peer – and the breadth of experiences offered.

“Issues of diversity and how institutions are participating in that have become a top priority,” Smith says. “I think part of the challenge is for institutions to decide what level of engagement they are going to take. What I love, and what I’m proud about, is our level of effectiveness. We’re not preaching. It’s not political. It’s just developing young people.”

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