Q&A: Amidst confusion, 1501 South Mint is still Black-owned and has plans to expand in 2023

Amid an announcement of new management, one Uptown Charlotte bar maintains that it is still Black-owned and has big plans going into the new year.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, 1501 South Mint announced that they would be “under new management” soon, leaving many to question whether the restaurant had been sold.

Clyde Thomas, the owner, wants to clear up any confusion.

“We have the same owner from when we started. Nothing on the ownership level has changed,” he told QCity Metro. “We’re still black-owned and we’re still the same couple of people that have been in here fighting through the pandemic and trying to put this thing together.”

Thomas and his partners, Lezlie Briggs and Zoey Prince, opened 1501 South Mint in Dec. 2019. The trio managed the day-to-day operations through the pandemic and saw their business become what is now a local go-to spot in the historically Black Wilmore community.

None of the ownership is stepping down, Thomas said, but a new management team is being hired to expand the bar’s live entertainment alongside the speakeasy-style bar and food lounge.

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