Residents of West End neighborhood make urgent effort to preserve home, records say Mayor owns

The historic “Heard House” in the McCrorey Heights Neighborhood will undergo demolition this month, Sean Langely, president of the McCrorey Heights Neighborhood Association, told QCity Metro. 

According to Mecklenburg County property records, Mayor Vi Lyles owns the home. 

The “Heard House’s” most recent deed. Mayor Vi Lyle’s address has been covered. Screenshot from Mecklenburg County Land Records.

QCity Metro reached out to Lyles to confirm what she plans to do with the home, but as of early Tuesday afternoon, she has yet to respond.

Angela Stoyanovitch, vice president of land use and property matters in the McCrorey Heights Neighborhood Association, created a petition to halt its destruction

According to Stoyanovitch, this petition is the first effort residents have made to preserve the home. 

This is a developing story.

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