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When Amber and DeMontez first met, no sparks were flying. Things heated up when they came together a second time.

Bride: Amber White, 35, governance control and strategy program manager- Meta, native of Charleston, South Carolina
Groom: DeMontez Jones, 32, certified personal trainer and massage therapist, native of Spartanburg, South Carolina
Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina

How They Met

DeMontez and I met through a mutual friend. I knew her from college, and he had known her since they were in elementary school together. The first time I met him was at a party celebrating my graduation from the master’s program at the Queen’s University of Charlotte. My friend introduced us. Initially, there was no connection between us. We just shared a mutual friend. He moved to California, and we never really spoke again until we met for the second time.

We met again a couple of years later. Our mutual friend was completing boot camp at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. Both of us were there to help her celebrate finishing that milestone. We exchanged numbers and have been talking ever since.

We started off just being friends. There was a group of us that always hung out together. It seemed more like a casual friendship with no real intentions of dating. After spending the summer hanging out, we began talking daily and getting to know one another. I honestly do not remember our first date, but in September 2019, he officially asked me to be in a relationship.

This Is “The One”

Photo Credit: JR Photography

We are very similar, having a lot of emphasis on loyalty, friendship, and family. His dedication, not just to his family, but to his friends, and those connected to him, and us being like mined were definitely some of the things that made me believe he was the one.

The Proposal

I’d recently become a new member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. We were in the process of taking photos to celebrate. I was dressed in salmon pink and had my ivies out. We also planned to take some couple pictures, hence the matching outfits. I was posing with my back to him. When I turned around, he was on one knee proposing.

I thought he was going to propose when he kept whispering to our photographer during the shoot, but I couldn’t prove it. I found out later that he was telling the photographer how great the photos were, not talking about the proposal.

Wedding Planning

As someone that does event planning, wedding planning comes naturally to me. I have been ensuring that things are organized and that we are following our timeline, so everything has been running smoothly. We took a break after our engagement party to focus on my son, who will be starting college in the fall. One of our good friends will be our partial planner. She will assist me with minor details and take over a month before the wedding.

We have not made a firm decision on the venue. We have narrowed it down to two options: The Barn at Cedar Hill near Salisbury or Venue at Turkey Ridge in Gastonia.

The most exciting part to date has been getting all our friends and family together in the same place for the engagement party, enjoying each other’s company, and seeing them rally around us.

Looking Ahead

Photo Credit: RJ Photography

I am looking forward to the honeymoon. Just to be able to go and travel. We thoroughly enjoy traveling. We are planning our April wedding, and we want to have a summer honeymoon in Greece.

Advice to Others

Be patient and understanding with your partner. When it comes to executing the details, it can be stressful. Being patient and communicating with your partner about the things that you would like, as well as being willing to compromise, is the best advice I can give.

Photo Credit: RJ Photography

Their Vendors

Engagement Photographer: R J Photography
Wedding Photographer:  Terrance Antonio Productions 
Wedding Planner: Lyracel Espinosa                      

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