The owner of this Uptown cafe wants to know your story

Jacqueline Smith had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but opening a business didn’t seem to be in the cards for her. When she moved to North Carolina, her original plan was to close on a house. However, the plan changed when she got the opportunity to rent a commercial space in Brevard Court instead.

There, she opened a coffee shop called My Story Cafe. 

Smith said the space “fell into her lap” after the previous owner fell on hard times due to the pandemic. 

Photo: Amanda Harry/QCity Metro

Before Smith took over, the space housed a shop called Tea Fusion that sold boba tea, a beverage made with tapioca pearls. And although Smith’s true passion was coffee, she continued to sell boba tea in order to connect with the prior establishment’s patrons. 

The boba tea and fresh drinks are enticing to passersby.

Another thing Smith said has drawn customers in is the Trinidadian flag in the cafe’s logo. When asked how many fellow Trinidadian entrepreneurs she knows of in Charlotte, Smith said she “could probably count them on one hand.” 

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