The possible future of former Eastland Mall site

Matt Kusak, 31, grew up in east Charlotte and saw the deterioration of the mall over time. For him, he said, Eastland Mall was the place to be. Once a thriving and popular shopping center, it closed in 2010 due, in part, to diminished traffic and increased crime. Today, it’s a construction lot that doesn’t quite have a set future. 

Past plans for the former site of Eastland Mall have included a movie studio, a sports field, and a retail complex, among others. 

Last night, Charlotte City Council discussed three potential plans to make the Eastland Mall site an place that could boost the economy in east Charlotte.

Why it matters: The site is located within one of six Corridors of Opportunity, the city’s initiative to create safer environments through affordable housing, improving transportation and urban design. 

Proposals included: 

  • A racquet center
  • A swimming pool center
  • A target store 

The racquet center would have 80 indoor/outdoor courts for tennis, pickleball and racquetball. To build it would cost about $55 million, with $45 million coming from public dollars. 

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