Uncover a heartwarming love story in ‘Company’ – a fresh take on a classic Broadway show

With friends like these, things get…complicated.

About the show

“Company” is a multi-time Tony award-winning musical that debuted on Broadway in 1970. However, the current adaptation of the play is much different than its predecessor. The original show is about Robert, a single man with several ongoing flings and a large group of married friends. The show ran for two years before shutting down production.

In the most recent revival, “Company” traded out Robert for Bobbi – a woman who just celebrated her 35th birthday.

Much like Robert in the original, Bobbi juggles relationships while all of her friends have long since tied the knot. On the surface, “Company” may seem like a story about loneliness, but I walked away feeling like it was one of the best love stories I’ve ever seen — just not in the romantic sense.

Choosing a favorite

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“Company” is packed from start to finish with energetic and punchy music, with my top pick being the most energetic of them all.

“Not Getting Married” is a delightful work of art. Everything about it feels intentional. The number opens with one of the characters, Jaime, getting cold feet on the day of his wedding to his fiance, Paul.

The song opens with a comedically romantic ballad blessing the day of the wedding day – only for Jaime to express how much he doesn’t want to get married immediately after.

There’s much to appreciate about this song, including the speed at which the performer has to sing the lyrics. The song is full of so many rapid-fire comedic lines, like “But wouldn’t it be funnier to go and watch a funeral?” It’s also the most visually engaging song of the show.

What surprised me

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As the title of the show suggests, the company Bobbi keeps is a very large part of her story– and the soundtrack. Despite being the lead of the show and on stage from start to finish, Bobbi takes a background seat musically.

While she does have brief parts in many of the songs, the majority of the numbers are sung almost entirely by the ensemble cast.

It was a bit of a change for me after seeing other shows where the lead has more singing time. But this isn’t a bad thing; the show’s ensemble is delightfully fun. Despite having so many characters to keep up with, each one still felt very distinguished from the others.

What I wish was different

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While I do like the show’s ensemble cast, as well as Bobbi – I found myself wishing she were a more active character.

Throughout the show, we see a single Bobbi visiting married couples and getting a glimpse into their lives, showing her that marriage isn’t quite the happily ever after she thought it was.

While these vignettes are entertaining and help push Bobbi to face if marriage is what she really wants, I still wanted to see Bobbi take a more action than she did.

Final verdict

“Company” feels like a romantic-comedy theater style. The jokes are non-stop and never feel overdone while still taking the time to let heavier moments linger. Plus, the play’s overall theme of finding love, not just in a romantic partner but in those around you, struck a chord with me and brought a few tears to my eyes.

The platonic love between Bobbi and her friends can be felt in the audience. Everything from how they comfort each other to how they laugh with each other made my heart swell.

One thing I’ve yet to mention is the show’s very impressive stage settings – and if you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you know I love a good stage. “Company’s” stage is made of moving sets on stage to represent each of the places Bobbi goes to visit.

Seeing each piece move around and the attention to detail on each set was a treat from start to finish.

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