‘We want to be the need, not the option’: How one Rock Hill market changed to serve the communityf

ROCK HILL, S.C. — The closest grocery store to the Sunset Park neighborhood is a Food Lion seven miles away. That’s why Magloire Lubika wants to bring fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables to the shelves of his newly reopened space, Surefire Neighborhood Market. 

Magloire Lubika, 26, grew up spending time at his parents’ West Boulevard convenience store, Jermain Express, in Charlotte. His parents, who immigrated to the United States from Congo, owned the store for about ten years before they opened a second store in South Carolina.

Now, Lubika plans to carry on the family business and expand it with Surefire Neighborhood Market, a convenience store located in Rock Hill, S.C. He wants to source healthy and nutritious food for people in the neighborhood. Many of whom, according to Lubika, travel by foot.

This wasn’t always his plan, though.

Initially, Lubika wanted nothing to do with his parent’s business. “I hated the store,” he said. 

But then, his mother encouraged him to think of ways to reimagine the store. This interested him. Lubika and his brother spent two years planning before taking over the store and renaming it Surefire, which means to succeed. 

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