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The Gantt Center unveils a new studio. Livingstone College welcomes a movie-making celebrity. A call for action in the Shanquella Robinson case.

These are just some of the topics you’ll find in this week’s news quiz.

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The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra wants to diversify its audience and increase accessibility to orchestral music. Last week, and for the first time in 10-plus years, the orchestra performed with the Concert Choir at _____.


In Thursday’s newsletter, we noted the 70th birthday of 10-time Grammy winner Yvette “Chaka Khan” Stevens, born March 23, 1953. Chaka Khan began her career as lead singer for what funk group?


In a QCity Metro op-ed column last week, former Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Watson Roberts expressed concern about the city’s proposed underground bus terminal. What is her primary concern about the terminal?


After news outlets reported that his westside restaurant was for sale, owner Gus Karapanoa spoke with QCity Metro to deny those reports. What restaurant does he own?


“Living Single” actress Erika Alexander spoke at Livingstone College last week about her latest documentary, “The Big Payback.” What is the topic of her documentary?


Theater actress Ta’Nika Gibson will come to Charlotte next month to perform in the musical “Into the Woods,” which combines several fairy tales. What character will she portray?


On Friday, the Knothole Foundation renamed a baseball field on Tuckaseegee Road in honor of retired executive Richard “Stick” Williams, who spent 36 years at which Charlotte company?


“She was an American citizen. She was killed on a foreign land on video. We expect for you to care about this Black woman, just like you would care about any other American citizen killed in a foreign country on video.” So said ____ at Livingston College, where he joined family members of Shanquella Robinson in calling on U.S. authorities to address her case.


Five Points Plaza celebrated its one-year anniversary last week. In its first year, the park hosted about 25 events. Where is Five Points Park located?


The Harvey B. Gantt Center opened a new studio on Friday, offering state-of-the-art equipment, including iMacs with creative software, an optical illusion wall, production lighting and more. What type of studio is it?

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