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The path to matrimony is seldom straight or easy. It is often paved with pitfalls, losses and unexpected turns. But where true love exists, love finds a way. This Greenville couple encountered a unique set of difficulties along their love’s journey. But when Destiny called, needing what only Garrett could provide, he answered.

Bride:  Destiny Green Johnson, 27, healthcare credentialing, native of Gadsden, South Carolina
Groom:  Garrett Johnson II, 28, financial underwriter, native of Baldwin, South Carolina
Current Residence:  Greenville, South Carolina
Wedding Date:  November 13, 2022
Venue/Location:  701 Whaley, Columbia, South Carolina

How They Met

(Destiny) We met in September 2017 through the Tinder dating app. On Tinder, if you swipe right on someone who has already swiped right on you, it is considered a match. When I saw Garrett’s profile, his looks were the first thing that caught my attention. He had a bald head and beard that reminded me of Boris Kodjoe. Garrett swiped right first and when I came across his profile, I also swiped right.

I had just moved to Greenville after graduating from Clemson University. I was looking for friends on the app, more than anything serious. We texted back and forth for a week or two, then decided to meet in person.

(Garrett) She was looking for friends at the time. I wanted somebody to hang out with too, so I was okay with that. She had just graduated from school. I had graduated a year prior. Judging by her profile, she was that person.

Their First Date

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(Destiny) Our first meeting was at Cook Out. I wanted to make sure that he wasn’t a catfish, so we went to grab a milkshake and just be sure that he was who he said that he was.

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