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When most college students decide to get a job, they are looking for work experience, learning to network and additional income. Jarvious got a job with an added bonus, a coworker willing to introduce him to her friend.

Bride: Bria Washington, 27, Finance Project Manager, a native of Statesville, NC

Groom: Jarvious Ellis, 29, Case Manager, A native of Shelby, NC

Current Residence: Charlotte, North Carolina

Wedding Date: November 5, 2022

Venue: Loray Mill Event Hall, Gastonia, North Carolina

How They Met

(Bria) Jarvious and I met in December 2017 while we were in college in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was attending the University of North Carolina – Greensboro and I was attending North Carolina A&T State University. He was working at the YMCA in Greensboro and so was one of my friends. She would tell him about her friends and showed him a picture of me. He thought that I looked nice and wanted her to introduce me to him. She introduced us at a party in Greensboro that we both attended. We had a great conversation and after the party, he slid in my DMs on Snapchat.  We have been communicating since then.

Their First Date

(Bria) He came to the Charlotte area, and we met in Gastonia. We went to the movies and to Chili’s. That was one of his favorite restaurants. We continued to hang out and talk while getting to know each other.

This is “The One”

(Bria) I knew that he was the one when he left Greensboro and moved to Charlotte for grad school at UNCC. He was willing to make the sacrifices and take the time to make sure that our relationship was a priority. He was committed. He’s a bit of an introvert, but when I introduced him to my family, he was really trying to get to know everyone. He has always been respectful of me. We have a mutual understanding about a lot of things, like having kids, our future goals, and careers. He’s my best friend. We can talk about everything, anything under the sun and he accepts my quirky ways. So, I knew he was the one just based on the way he treats me.

(Jarvious) Honestly, since I saw Bria for the first time, I have thought this is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life. She pushed me to be better in every way. I already had that mentality, but she challenged me to want to do more. It was great having someone in my corner. That was when I knew it.

Photo Credit: Samantha Clarke Photography

The Proposal

(Jarvious) Six months in advance, during Christmas, I’d ask her parents for their blessing and got the okay from them both. She’s a detective and it’s really hard to get things by her. I wanted to make it a surprise, so I spoke to her family about it. They helped me to get her nails done and set up everything at Symphony Park near South Park Mall. The plan was to have her go there thinking that we were going to be with this group for outside activities. I didn’t have a blindfold, so she ended up blindfolded with a mask. We went to the middle of the park, away from everything. Our family and close friends were there. I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

Wedding Planning

(Bria) Wedding planning has been going fine. We have a good number of our vendors. We wanted the vibe at the wedding to be really fun. We also want it in a central location. We have family members scattered from Statesville to Shelby. Our venue is in Gastonia, so it is convenient for everyone. I really like the rustic, simple, look with nice floral arrangements.

Anticipating the wedding

(Bria) I’m looking forward to seeing all the people we love most come together and be one, just seeing everyone partying and having a good time. I hope they see how much Jarvis and I are really committed to each other and to bringing our families together as one.

(Jarvious) We have not shown a lot of public displays of affection in the presence of our families. One of the things I am looking forward to is feeling comfortable displaying that side of our relationship. Mostly, I am looking forward to beginning our life together as a couple

Advice to Others

(Bria) I think the key is to communicate throughout the entire process. Communicate how involved do you want to be and how often, or what you don’t want to be involved in. You need to discuss the end goal of the entire wedding process. Do we want something big or something small? Spend some time planning not only what you want the wedding to be like but what you want the marriage to be like.

(Jarvious) If you’re good at it, take it on, but give yourself time. This thing costs money, and it can be a lot If you’re not prepared for it.

Photo Credit: Samantha Clarke Photography

Their Vendors

Wedding Planner: SDS Events LLC

Photographer: Samantha Clarke

Venue: Loray Mill Event Hall

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