WSSU grad attempts finding love on new tv show

When Quentin Lloyd’s family and friends saw him on a reality show that aired in early December, they were not surprised. They knew his charisma and outgoing personality would help him fit right in.

What they didn’t expect was the show’s premise: 3 women in their 40’s looking for love among 24 younger men. And Lloyd was one them.

Quentin Lloyd, a former football player and graduate of Winston-Salem State University and native of Durham, N.C., hoped for weeks that he wouldn’t be sent home while filming Hulu’s “Back in the Groove,” a new reality competition dating show. 

The eight-episode show follows three women at a resort known as The Grove Hotel where, according to the show’s synopsis, “the goal is to rediscover their youth, live joyously, and hopefully find love with men half their age.” Throughout the show, the women — Sparkle, 43; Steph, 41; and Brooke, 43 — choose men to take on dates and attempt to build connections with them. At the end of each episode, the women eliminate three men from the competition.

Lloyd had never pursued an older woman before, but says his experience on the show is something he wouldn’t trade for anything.

QCity Metro talked with Lloyd about the show and what he’s been up to since it ended.

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