Youth symphony program makes musical instruction more accessible

Experiencing an Elgar Cello Concerto, a live symphony, more than once was typically unaffordable for Claire Refaey and her family. 

That was until her son, Adam Refaey, 11, joined the Charlotte Symphony Youth Ensemble (CSYE) which made these concerts — that can cost up to $100 per ticket — more affordable. 

To Refaey, it is a joy to know that her son can immerse himself into these musical productions without the cost becoming burdensome.

“Knowing that we could walk up and get a $10 ticket so that he can go watch the piece of music that he was so moved by, again, was incredible,” Claire Refaey told QCity Metro.

Refaey’s son has been a part of the program since Feb. 2022. Although he takes private lessons, Reafaey feels that her son has developed skills that don’t usually come from playing alone. 

“To become part of an orchestra, where you are a part of a whole, you have to listen to those around you, you have to figure out how to play together, and then how to enhance that playing to another level together,” Claire Refaey said.

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